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Happy 90th Birthday, Sherman Wilford Brooks Garlock !

March 29, 1999

Sherman Garlock (middle row, right) with his brother Ivan, cousins William and Everitt Wood. Back row: Uncle Fred Garlock, Grover Wood, Matilda Garlock Wood, father John Garloch.

Indianapolis, IN

c 1919.

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Sherman Garlock with his father John Garloch in Indianapolis, IN.

c 1924.

Sherman Garlock (second from right) with his brother Ivan, aunt Matilda, and brother Melvin.

Indianapolis, IN.

c 1938

Sherman Garlock and Mabel Sutcliffe.

c. 1940.

Children of Sherman and Mabel

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Sherman Garlock (second from right) with his brothers Melvin, Emmett, and Ivan .


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