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The Garloch Family Line, con't.

The Family of Sherman Wilford Brooks GARLOCK and Mabel SUTCLIFFE

Sherman Garlock and Mabel Sutcliffe.

c. 1940.


John Mack's fourth son, Sherman, struggled to graduate from the eighth grade in public school. Fortunately he had some people in the school who helped him. He had to work to get food money, as well as study, and it was difficult to get good grades. His first job was driving a horse and wagon and selling ice. Later he went to night school and picked up courses like drafting and metallurgy that he felt he needed to improve his job performance. When his son was in high school, Sherm studied math along with him in order to improve his skills. Sherm said that he never wanted that little kid in the orphanage to get the best of him.

Sherm married Mabel Sutcliffe on April 5, 1932. Mabel died in 1965 after a six-month bout with diabetes and infection.

Although Sherm was an industrial engineer he often ended up in management. He worked several places throughout his career, beginning at Mullins where he worked through World War II. Around 1950 during the Korean War he worked for Buffalo Weaving & Belting in Alliance. They made parts for tank tracks. When that company went out of business he went to work for Banada Aluminum whose parent company was Textron. They made aluminum storm windows and doors. The company was in Girard, Ohio and he moved there for a few years, and then moved again and worked at their plant in Pottsville, Pennsylvania for a couple of years. He says that of all the places he worked it was his job at Textron he enjoyed most.

In the early 1960's he returned to Alliance and began work for Tolerton Lumber Company making heavy maple tops for work surfaces in school shops. He retired in the early 1970's.

They raised Mabel's brother's children, Carolyn and Marvin, as their own when her brother was unable to care for them. He would like to have adopted them. Sherm didn't want to see any children have to go to an orphanage.

Sherm married his second wife, Freida, in September 1968. She was born July 20, 1902 in Rogersville, Ohio, a daughter of the late Ulrich and Maria Linnigar Bichsel. Freida and her first husband ran a grocery store in Salem. Sherm's son, Jerry, had worked for them throughout his high school years never thinking one day she would be his stepmother. Freida died in 1984.

Sherm is living with his son, Dale and wife, Doris, in Alliance, Ohio. He is 89 years old and has had two strokes. His health is poor but he still enjoys a good conversation. My brother, Gene, and I remember him as always easy to talk to and always having a good story to tell.

The children of Sherm and Mabel are: Dale Marvin; Jerry Lee; Curtis Ray; and Carolyn and Marvin Sutclifffe.

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