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The Garloch Family Line, con't.

The Third Generation: The Family of David GARLOCH and Sarah AULT

As a young man, David moved to Jacobsburg, Belmont County, Ohio in 1824. He purchased land on June 18, 1824. About two years later David's parents, John and Margarett Garlough, and a Jacob Garloch settled nearby in Stewartsville, Ohio. Jacob purchased two sections of land: first, on May 22, 1826; and later, 82 acres, in the same area October 21, 1826.

On March 9, 1826 David married Sarah Ault, born March 8, 1807, in Belmont County, Ohio. Sarah died May 26, 1861 and is buried near Limestone Hill, Wood County, West Virginia. Eight years later, in 1869, David sold land in Belmont County, Ohio and purchased land in Orange County, Indiana. He moved to Indiana and lived with his son, Peter, in Paoli, Orange County [See the "Westward Move, below"]. He later lived with his son, Jacob, also of the Indianapolis area. David died January 7, 1882 in Salt Creek Township, Jackson County, Indiana. He is buried in the Garloch Family Cemetery on Jacob's farm.

David and Sarah's 10 children were: Andrew; John; Jacob (Co. F, 15th Regiment, Ohio Foot Volunteers, Civil War); Frederick, (Co. I, 170th Regiment, Ohio National Guard Infantry, Civil War); William Ault; Margaret E.; Wesley; David, Jr. (Co. A, 9th WV Infantry, Civil War); Peter A. (Co. A, 9th WV Infantry, Civil War); and Mary Catherine.

Wesley and Martha Matilda Garloch, c 1900

The Fourth Generation: The Family of Wesley GARLOCH and Matilda Martha YOHO

David and Sarah's sixth son, Wesley Garloch, was born December 22, 1838 in Belmont County, Ohio. On October 6, 1859 he married Matilda Martha Yoho, born January 20, 1839 in Wetzel County, West Virginia. Matilda was the daughter of Harrison Yoho and Martha Goddard. Harrison, a minister for the Disciples of Christ Christian Church, performed the marriage between his daughter and Wesley in Powhatan Point, Ohio. Wesley was a farmer and owned land in Wetzel County. Matilda, at age 75, died of inflammation of the lungs on June 19, 1914 at home. Sixteen years later, in 1930, Wesley died at home on Moss Run, Bellaire, Ohio. Both are buried at the High Ridge Cemetery, along State Route 214, Bellaire, in Belmont County.

Wesley and Matilda's seven children were: William Henry; Martha Matilda; Harrison David; Josephine, dAugust 3, 1876, at age 9; George Washington; James Frederick; and John Mack.


The Wesley and Matilda Garloch Family, 1907.

Standing: Fred, John, Harrison, Selah, Herschal, Walter and Ervin Carman.

Seated: Florence, Opal, Sarah w/Emery and Emmett, Martha, Wesley, Matilda, Wilber Carman, Martha Matilda Carman. Melvin on stool.


The Westward Move

Some of David Garloch's in-laws, the Ault family of Belmont County, Ohio went to Indiana by wagon train after the Civil War about 1870. Apparently the Ault's and Garloch's were friends in Ohio because some of the Garloch's joined or followed them and settled on adjacent farms near Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana. This is when David Garloch purchased his farm in Indiana. David's son, Peter, went to Indiana in 1869, shortly after his marriage to Margaret Ruble, so he and his father could have been part of this wagon train.

David's fifth son, William Ault "Bill" went to Kansas in the latter 1800s. The Finney County, Kansas history says that Bill and his son were carpenters and they built houses. The story goes that Bill went back to Indianapolis to visit and he walked most of the way. Later he returned to Indiana with his family because living was too hard in Kansas. The family referred to him as "Kansas Bill."

Some family members have heard that Wesley went to Kansas and was wiped out by the grasshopper plague. However all branches of the family haven't heard this story. Some have heard that Wesley's brother [Bill?] went to Kansas and lived in a sod house but returned to Indiana because it was too hard in the West. So far we haven't found any evidence to either prove or disprove Wesley's sojourn west. Wesley was in Belmont County, Ohio when his son, John Mack, was born in 1877. There are also land records involving Wesley in Belmont County: in 1881 Wesley bought land committing to make payment in 1881 and 1886; in 1886 Wesley sold land committing to accept payment in 1886 and 1887. About 1960 John Mack wrote a letter to his granddaughter, Anita Garlock Irwin, in which he said he had lived in Kansas when he was 6-7-8 years old. He would have been 10 years old in 1887. He told his grandson, Ken Garloch, the following story about going to Kansas: He said that they were building a sod house and he was digging a trench and looked up to see a wolf looking down at him. He chased it away by raising his shovel and growling at it. More research needs to be done. Next I will try to find out if they filed a claim under the Homestead Act in Finney County assuming Wesley would have joined his brother, Bill, there.



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