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"Belle Monte" - Beautiful Mountain

Belmont County is located along the Ohio River just across from Wheeling, West Virginia and south of Steubenville in Jefferson County, Ohio. It was one of the first counties settled in Ohio and was established as a county by the Governor of the Northwest Territory, General Arthur St. Clair, on September 7, 1801. St. Clairsville, the County Seat, along the National Road, was named after him.

Belmont County is rich, fertile, farming land. Many Indian battles took place in the area in the early days before the territory was opened up for settlers in the early 1800s. At that time the area became the "West" and the people who had settled the eastern states moved on for various reasons. Some went because they had been issued land patents in return for service in the Revolutionary War. Some went to speculate on the land, buying it up and then reselling it at a profit, and some went because they couldn't stand still. Adventure was in their blood and here was another frontier waiting to be tamed. In some cases, the established towns and areas in the East became too crowded to their liking and they headed for the big woods and opened up land for farming in the new State of Ohio. Some came overland by established trails and roads, some beat a path of their own, and some floated down the Ohio River on flatboats from points north. For more about Belmont County see the Belmont County USGenWeb site.


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