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The Family of Emery Theodore GARLOCK and Doris ELLIOTT

Emery Theodore Garlock, Hammondsville, OH, c. 1923

In 1921, when the twins, Emery and Emmett, were 14 years old and had completed eighth grade they hopped a train in Sebring, Ohio and jumped off in Hammondsville, Jefferson County, Ohio. They got a room at the Iddings farm situated along Yellow Creek [just before entering Hammondsville]. They played on the Hammondsville baseball team and worked in the brickyards where they made money to buy clothes and court the local girls. Emery met and wooed Doris Irene Elliott for four and a half years. They married on June 16, 1926 when Doris was almost seventeen and Emery was nineteen and a half. It was in Hammondsville that the twins were nicknamed "Buck" (Emery) and "Berry" (Emmett) after the Elliott's team of oxen because they were as close as two oxen in a yoke.

Emery Garlock and Doris Elliott on swinging bridge, Hammondsville, OH, c 1924.

Doris Elliott and Emery Garlock, wedding picture, Hammondsville, OH, 1926.

Having only completed the eighth grade in school, Emery took correspondence courses through the International Correspondence School to further his education and became licensed as a stationery engineer. He worked for a while in Salem, Ohio at Mullins Manufacturing Company. Then he moved to Pittsburgh and became a licensed steam boiler inspector. Heworked for several Pittsburgh-based insurance companies inspecting steam boilers that were used either for heat or for power to drive machinery or produce energy. Emery's son, Jack, remembers that as a supervising engineer at Eagle, Globe and Royal Insurance Company they provided Emery with a company car–a 1932 Chevy with a charcoal heater that sat on the front floor. In the last years of the depression, while many still stood in soup lines, Emery rode around in style!

Emery's job experiences and further education led him into mechanical and civil engineering, During the '40s he worked as Plant Engineer for the Ford Instrument Company on Long Island, New York. During World War II they manufactured the Sperrey Rand bombsights. He later worked at the U.S. Steel National Tube Works in McKeesport, Pennsylvania. On weekends he went to Alliance to work with his brother, Emmett, in his heating business. In the '50s, with four older children married, he moved the rest of the family west to Oklahoma City. There he worked for a company that manufactured oil field storage tanks. In the '60s he moved into the field of construction and went to Vietnam where he worked on the construction of airstrips. Later in the '60s and early '70s he worked as an engineer for LTV in the construction of the Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport. He retired from LTV in the early '70s.

Emery was always a baseball fan. He spent a lot of time throwing balls back and forth to his sons in the yard. He was extremely proud when his oldest son, Morrie, at age 17, was drafted by the New York Giants farm system by George Mack, brother of Connie Mack, and later was traded to the St. Louis Cardinal system. Emery enjoyed fishing and liked to go out to Lake Overholtzer in Oklahoma City – sometimes with the boys; sometimes on a family picnic; and sometimes alone to ponder the things of the world. He died April 9, 1974 in Oklahoma City and Doris died seventeen years later on April 25, 1991. They both are buried at Rose Hill Burial Park in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

Emery and Doris' eight children are: Maurice Emery; John "Jack" Howard; Janice Yvonne DONLEY; Elliott Gene; Anita Alice IRWIN; Allan Robert; Marilyn Cheryl ANGWIN; and William Lynn.

Emery and Doris Garlock

Left: Wichita, KS, c 1962.

Right: Wichita, KS, c 1962.

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