The Garlock-Elliott Family

The ancestors of Sarah Chamness

Sarah's Grandparents

Owen, son of Edward and Hannah Woody Chamness was born January 23, 1816 in Guilford County, North Carolina.30 He was about 15 years of age when his family moved to Hendricks County, Indiana.

On February 14, 1838, at the age of 22, Owen "married out of unity" to Rhoda Ann Bray in a civil ceremony. Owen later condemned his own conduct and was re-admitted to the White Lick Meeting. On November 13, 1839 the Meeting declared him "disowned for non-attendance."

Rhoda Ann Bray was born April 11, 1821 in Kentucky or Indiana to Richard and Mary Shelton Bray.

The 1850 U. S. Federal Census for Hendricks County, Indiana, showed that Owen (35) and Rhoda (37) lived in Middle Township, with the following children: Thomas (10), William (8), Edward (6), Richard (5), Hannah (3), Avernon P. (1). Owen was listed as a farmer, Real Estate Value $400. All of the children of age were attending school.

The 1860 U. S. Federal Census for Hendricks County, Indiana, showed that Owen (44) and Rhoda (38) lived in Danville, Center Township with the following children: William (19), Edward (17), Richard (15), Hannah (13), Abraham (10), Mary (8), and Susan (6). [Thomas, the oldest son and Lucas B., the youngest, were missing from this census. I think it very likely that the Avernon P. in the 1850 census and the Abraham in the 1860 census are one and the same.]

While in the 1830s and 40s the settlers were breaking in the land and establishing their farms, the 1850s and 60s found farm life changing. Many farmers began to raise sheep on a large scale to supply fleece to the mills that had sprung up to process it. The Indiana Home describes:

[By then] the number of sheep in Indiana increased more than a million. Half or more of the wool, after it was picked, was baled up and sent east over the new railroads. The proceeds [from selling the wool] were about the first spending money the wife had ever had. Everybody was building a new house in the "glorious Fifties" and Madam could now buy a carpet, a cookstove, a new silk dress, or hire a cabinet-maker to come and furnish the new house with that beautiful furniture we now prize so highly.31

By 1857 the county fairs were demonstrating the new McCormick reaper to the amazed citizens and many rural families began to move into the towns to take jobs in the woolen mills and other growing industries. However, Edward and Owen remained farmers all their lives. The National Road and the railroads were bringing more and more people through from the East. The nation was building up to the Civil War that began in earnest in 1861. Indiana sent many volunteers into the foray. Owen's son, Edward, joined the 101st Indiana Volunteer Infantry. It is possible that William and Thomas also served in an Indiana regiment, but I am still checking that out. Since this was the first generation of non-Quakers for about 125 years, they weren't bound by traditional Quaker pacifist views amd likely fought in the war.

Owen died in 1865 at the age of 49 as the Civil War came to a close. Rhoda died shortly after on May 18, 1866 at the age of 45. There is a marker in the Abner's Creek Cemetery, Hendricks County32 that reads: "Rhoda A. Chamness; d May 13 1866; 45y 1m 2d; wife of Owen." I'm not sure if there is a marker for Owen, but the Hendricks County USGenweb site Cemetery Listing shows him buried at Abner's Creek.

Owen and Rhoda had eight children: Thomas, William, Edward Bray, Richard, Hannah Pinkney, Jane, Mary Susan, and Lucas Brooks.

Edward Bray Chamness (1843-1908) became a judge in Madison County, Indiana.

Sarah's Parents

Lucas Brooks "Luke" Chamness was born in Hendricks County, Indiana on July 11, 1854.33 He was the youngest son of Owen and Rhoda Bray Chamness. At the time of Owen and Rhoda's death Lucas was about eleven or twelve years old.

The 1870 U. S. Federal Census, Hendricks County, Indiana showed that Luke B., age 15, lived with the family of his brother, Richard, who was a farmer. This was five years after their father's death and four years after their mother's. Richard was just 25, married and had a one-year-old daughter.

At the age of twenty-four Luke married Martha O. Williams in Hendricks County on August 18, 1878.34 Martha died fifteen months later on November 28, 1879 at the age of 18 yrs 2m 3d. Her death is recorded in "Death with Burials in the County." She is buried at Abner's Creek Cemetery in Hendricks County where Luke's parents, Owen and Rhoda Chamness, are buried.

The 1880 U. S. Federal Census, Hendricks County showed Luke B. Chamness and Alvah O. Chamness, age 6/12 of a year old. It appears that Martha may have died in giving birth to Alvah.

Luke married Lydia Martha Lindsay on April 6, 1882 in Hendricks County. Lydia was born in Boone County, Indiana on March 24, 1861. Her father, Adrian Lindsay, was also born in Indiana.35

Luke and Lydia moved to Indianapolis not too long after their marriage. In 1889 and 1890 they lived in Haughville, a "blue-collar" suburb of Indianapolis. In the city directory he was listed as a laborer. Also listed were John Chamness (molder/plasterer) and Reuben Chamness (laborer). All were in Haughville so it seems there were still some family connections as the rural family merged into the industrial society.


Slaughtering and metalworking were the two most important industries in the 1870s and 80s. The leading slaughterhouse [in Haughville] was Kingan and Company, a meatpacking company formed by brothers from Belfast and opened in 1862....The [meatpacking] plant was located on Indianapolis' west side. Haughville, a suburb of the city in 1856, and one of the first annexations to Indianapolis, in 1883, was a neighborhood of people who worked in the factories, railroads, and stockyards. Residing there in addition to the Irish were Slovenians, African-Americans, and English.36

The 1900 U.S. Federal Census for Indianapolis shows Luke (45) and Lydia M. (38) living with their children: Sarah E. (bMar 1883) at 17 years; Howard (bJul 1884) at 15 years; Harry V. (bSep 1890) at 9 years; Robert T. (bMar 1893) at 7 years; Matilda J. (bSep 1895) at 4 years; Esther A. (bApr 1899) at 1 year. There was also a boarder named Autha [F]enders (bMar 1883) at 17 years.

Lydia died on June 3, 1905 of pulmonary tuberculosis at the age of 44yrs, 12mos, 10das. At the time of her death the family lived at 1010 Reynolds Avenue, Center Township, Marion County.37

On November 3, 1908 Luke married Susan E. Brown in Indiana. (Presumably in Indianapolis.)

The 1920 U.S. Federal Census for Indianapolis shows Luke (age 65) in a rented house at 541 N. Belle View Place. He lived with Susan (63) and a Laura Kirchner (22) with her four children: Dorothy (6); Woodrow (4); Franklin (2); and Mary (3/12). Susan and Laura were born in Kentucky and all Laura's children were born in Indiana. I surmise that Laura was Susan's daughter by a marriage prior to 1908 when she married Luke. The children were listed as Luke's grandchildren. They also had a boarder named David Haggard (68) born in Kentucky. Luke was a watchman at a Building ? Co.

Luke died on November 19, 1928 at the age of 74yrs, 4mos, 8das of a cerebral hemorrhage He was buried at Mt. Jackson Cemetery, Tibbs Avenue, Indianapolis, with his second wife, Lydia.38 At the time of his death Luke and Susan, resided at 1131 Ketcham Street, Center Township, Marion County.

It appears Lydia and Lucas had seven children. The birth notices of some have been found with no names given but sex noted. We know our grandmother, Sarah "Sadie" Ellen, was born March 10, 1882.

An search shows two sons born to Lucas and M. Lindsey Chamness on 23Jul1884 and 7Aug1886. No names were given. An index to county birth records shows a boy born March 4, 1889; a boy born March 22, 1893; a girl born September 22, 1895; and a girl born April 30, 1899.39

Mary Benner Garloch and Doris Elliott Garlock (Sarah's daughters-in-law) recalled the names of Sadie's siblings as: Howard, Harry, Jamie, Esther, and Eddy.

The 1900 U.S. Federal Census, Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana showed Luke (45), b July 1854; Lydia M. (38), b Aug1861; Sarah E. (17), b Mar1883; Howard, (15), b Jul 1884; Harry V. (9), b Sep 1890; Robert T. (7), b Mar 1893; Matilda J. (4), b Sep 1895; Esther A. (1), b Mar 1899. There is also a boarder listed as Autha Fenders? (17), b Mar 1883. All were born in Indiana. The 1883 date is incorrect for Sadie's date of birth.

I have three pictures of Sadie's family that were given to her son, Emery (my father). There were no names on them and my mother marked them (from memory) when she was 80 years old. I'm still trying to match them up to the names and records.


Sarah Ellen Chamness was born March 10, 1882 in Hendricks County, Indiana to Lucas Brooks and Lydia Martha Lindsay Chamness.40 She married John Mack Garloch on October 10, 1902, in Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana. John was born in Belmont County, Ohio and at the time of their marriage he was a carriage trimmer in Indianapolis. J. M. Caufield performed the ceremony. In 1905 Sadie gave birth to their first set of twins on January 29th, just four months before Sadie's mother, Lydia Chamness, died on June 3rd. Melvin survived but the second child was stillborn. The Garloch family lived at 1021 Reynolds Avenue, just a few doors away from Sadie's parent's home.

Sadie died of tuberculosis [as her mother did] on November 1, 1913 at the age of 31. She is buried with her husband and parents in the Mt. Jackson Cemetery on Tibbs Avenue, which is across from where the old Indiana State Insane Asylum used to be. At the time of her death the family lived at 1037 North Traub Avenue. The house has since been torn down during redevelopment of the area. The Christian Church on Bismark Avenue where Sadie's funeral was held is no longer there.

Sarah and John Garloch had six sons: Melvin and a stillborn twin, 1905; Emery Theodore and Emmett Roosevelt (twins, 1907); Sherman Wilford Brooks, 1909; and Ivan Wesley, 1911.41

My mother said this is Harry Chamness and his sister, Esther Chamness in Indianapolis, IN. However, this is not possible since they would have been too young to be these middle-aged people in the early 1900s. I believe this may be Luke (b.1854) and Lydia M. Chamness (b.1861) right before her death in 1905. Please notify me if you can identify these people.



My mother also said these are Sarah Chamness' three sisters. This is also unlikely because of the ages. I think this may be Susan Brown Chamness in the middle with either Sadie's two sisters, Matilda and Esther, or perhaps Susan had daughters of her own before marrying Luke. Please notify me if you can identify these people.





My mother said this was Howard Chamness (brother of Sarah) and his daughter in Indianapolis, IN. This is probably true since [Adrian] Howard Chamness appears on the 1920 census with a daugher, Elizabeth, age 6. Please notify me if you know anything about these people.

Harry Chamness and his sister, Esther Chamness

Three Chamness sisters (identified by Doris Garlock)

Howard Chamness and daughter


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