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The ancestors of Sarah Chamness

Sarah’s Second Great-Grandparents

Joseph, oldest son of Anthony and Sarah Chamness, was born March 3, 1740 in Baltimore County, Maryland. Centre MM records show that on March 17, 1763 he married Margaret Norton at the Cane Creek Meeting, in what was then Orange County, North Carolina.18

Margaret was the daughter of Edward and Elizabeth Norton from adjacent Rowan (later Randolph) County, North Carolina. The Norton family came to the vicinity in 1762 from the Fairfax Monthly Meeting in Virginia.

Records show that Joseph was made Recorder of Marriage Certificates of Cane Creek Monthly Meeting in 1764. His handwriting skills must have been good, indicating a fair amount of schooling. This wasn't unusual since Quakers usually build their own schools and provided education for their children. However, it was unusual for this time period in rural America.

In 1769 Joseph and Margaret were granted certificates of transfer to the nearby New Garden MM. Later Joseph and Margaret transferred to Centre MM when it was set off from Cane Creek. Minutes of the Centre Meeting show Margaret Norton Chamness died on April 12, 1784. The day before (April 11, 1874) Margaret went into labor to deliver twins. The first child, Mourning, was delivered safely, however, the second child and Margaret both died. The Minutes say Margaret was buried at Providence Cemetery in Randolph County. However records of burials at Providence19 do not show her buried there, with or without a stone. Mourning was raised by her older sister, Sarah.20

The Growth of Meetings

Cane Creek MM, New Garden MM, Spring MM, Centre MM and Providence are all in the same general vicinity. The others grew out of the Cane Creek MM, sometimes referred to as the “Mother of Meetings.” New Garden MM is about 30 miles northwest of Cane Creek; Centre MM is about halfway between the two. In 1750 members had to travel that 30 miles; crossing rivers, streams and rut-filled roads to attend weekly meetings at Cane Creek. Monthly meetings were held at various places so the hardship of early travel was distributed among the membership. When the distances and obstacles became too great to travel Friends would request permission to start a new meeting closer to their home. Very likely, when Joseph established his own household he transferred to a meeting closer to his home, apparently New Garden Meeting, then Centre Meeting.

On March 6, 1786 Joseph, Sr. married Hannah Beeson. This marriage is recorded and took place at the nearby Deep River Meeting, where apparently Hannah was a member. She obtained a certificate of transfer to the Centre Meeting on the first of May. Joseph and Hannah had one daughter, Susanna, born in 1789.

The following Randolph County records show that Joseph lived in Randolph County from 1782 till his death in 1818:

30 Dec 1782 - Joseph Chamness and his wife Margaret sell land on the southern fork of Polecat Creek, part of a tract conveyed to Joseph Chamness from Thomas Lamb? in 1763 [or 5] and registered in Rowan Co; [sold] to Richard Beeson21

1785 Tax List of Capt. John Welborn’s District (taken by Zebedee Wood): Joseph Chamness, 1 white poll 22, 100 acres on Pole Cat Creek.

1789 Grand Jury Presentment for 1789; December Term; Grand Jury for the County of Randolph vs. Sarah Billinsly for keeping a house of ill repute and serving liquor [Joseph Chamness served on the Jury] 22a

1790 U. S. Federal Census: Joseph Chamness in Hillsborough.

1800 U. S. Federal Census: Joseph Chamness; one male 16-26; one male 45 and over; one female 10-16; one female 26-45.

1803 Tax List of Capt. Jones’ District: Joseph Chamness, Senr., 100 acres

1803 Tax List of Capt. Duncan’s District: Joseph Chamis, 1 white pole, 200 acres.

1810 U. S. Federal Census: Joseph Chamness; age 25-65

1818 - Will of Joseph Chamness23 Will Book 4, pg. 607

Joseph named his youngest son , Edward as executor of his will and heir to his land. In Hanson's book about the Chamness Family he says that the older sons had already gone to Indiana around 1816. If this is true, that may be the reason the youngest son filled the traditional role of the elder son.

Joseph and Margaret had eight children between 1764 and 1784: Margaret, Mary, Joseph, Martha, Lydia, Sarah, Elizabeth, Edward, and Mourning. All but Joseph were recorded in the minutes of the Centre MM. In 1793 the Spring MM Minutes record the marriage of Joseph Chamness, son of Joseph and Margaret, born 1771.

Sarah's 1st Great-Grandparents

Edward Chamness, youngest son of Joseph and Margaret Chamness was born July 28, 1782 24 in Randolph County, North Carolina. He married Hannah Woody at the Centre MM on March 6, 1805. Hannah was born about 1785 in Orange County, North Carolina to James and Mary Laughlin Woody.

Edward is shown on the 1820 Tax List of Capt. Cole’s District with 150 acres on Sandy Creek valued at $500, one white poll. This was near Liberty, Randolph County, North Carolina where his father, Joseph, was also listed as having had land.

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