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The ancestors of Sarah Chamness

This is the story of the ancestors of Sarah Chamness (1882-1913), wife of John Mack Garloch, mother of Melvin, Emery, Emmett, Sherman and Ivan Garloch.

Sarah's 5th Great-Grandparents in England

Anthony Champneys and his wife, Ann Pitts would have been born about 1665. Their marriage took place September 23, 1686 at St. James, Dukes Place, in the County of Middlesex, London, England.1 We can assume that both Anthony and Ann were born and died in England. Their marriage record states that Anthony was a bachelor and Ann, a spinster. There was mention of John Champneys, ffr. I haven't been able to find out the meaning of "ffr" as yet. Anthony and Ann are believed to be the parents of a son, John, but I don't see how this reference could be to a son. The Keeper of the Manuscripts at Guildhall Library, London suggested that perhaps it meant "gave away," as in gave away the bride. I don't know why a relative of the groom would give away the bride, but I'm still looking for information on the subject. Anthony's and Ann's marriage date and John's birth date in 1686 coincide and these events took place in the same general area, so that indicates there may be some kind of relationship.

Sarah's Fourth Great-Grandparents, England

John Chamniss was born 1686? and his wife, Ann Weary2 was born about 1685?. We can assume they both were born and died in England. Their marriage took place January 4, 1704 at St. John's Church of Wapping, London, England.3 (Read the article on the website to learn more about the history of the Wapping District of London.) The spelling of the name is "Chamniss" in the church records. Earlier spellings were "Champness" and "Champneys."

Records at St. John's show several residences for the family: East Smithfield Street, (originating at the northeast corner of the Tower of London, running east past the Royal Mint and St. Katherine's Docks); Wiltshire Lane and Parrott Alley. It is believed the latter two were destroyed by the bombing of London in WWII. All were along the Thames River in the Wapping Area of London. Click here for a virtual tour of the Tower of London.

Baptism records at St. John's show that John and Ann Chamniss had at least eight children: Thomas, Jane, Mary, John, Anthony, Harmon, Martha and James. 4

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