The Garlock-Elliott Family

The Family of Thomas Elliott and Caty Jane Stewart

First Generation in Ohio

Family legend has it that Thomas ELLIOTT came with his brother to Brush Creek, Jefferson County, Ohio around 1820 to work in the salt mines there. Brush Creek township became part of the newly formed Columbiana County in 1803. In 1832 it became part of Jefferson County again.

About the salt mines

The salt industry, when first established in this part of the country, was quite prosperous. All that could be made met a ready market at a good price, ten dollars a barrel being received in some cases. But in a few years the large manufactories, on the Ohio south of this, and also at points in the west, were started and as the supply increased, prices declined until it was found no longer profitable to run the works here, and they were all abandoned, leaving no evidence of their existance [sic] to our day but large piles of cinders from their furnaces, and here and there a piece of a huge trough which served as a brine tank, and which, having become thoroughly saturated with the salt water, resisted decay much longer than any other timbers used in the works. The post office department still continues the names, "Moore's Salt Works" and "Mitchell's Salt Works" which, in a way serves to keep the traditions of those early days alive.

From an 1880 Ohio Press newspaper article

Brush Creek was wild and wooly and not just the terrain. It has been said that even the tax collectors would not go in there for fear of being run off by the settlers. Living there was not for the fainthearted. For more on early Brush Creek see Yellow Creek Stories. Today Brush Creek has been set aside as the Brush Creek State Wildlife Area.

Marriage certificate of Thomas Elliott and Caty Stewart. Jefferson County, Ohio. September 7, 1815.

The marriage records of Jefferson County show that Thomas married Caty Jane STEWART 7Sep1815 in Steubenville, Ohio. There is a Thomas ELLIOTT listed on the 1830 and 1840 U. S. Census in Columbiana County, Ohio. The 1850 U.S. Census for Carroll County, Ohio shows Thomas with no wife, so Caty had apparently died. Thomas' occupation was shown as "farmer" and his land was valued at $3000. His place of birth was Maryland. Children listed were: Elizabeth; Margaret; Thomas, Jr.; and James, also a farmer. All were born in Ohio. Undoubtedly there were a number of other children who had already set up their own households by 1850, which was the first U. S. Census to list names of family members. There is a marker for a Thomas Elliott (b1781-d1852) in Hope Cemetery, Columbiana County, Ohio who may be this Thomas. It is the only marker or record that has been found so far. He could have been spending his last years with one of his children who had moved there. A fire destroyed the cemetery records so we may never know.

For more about early settlers' lives see Chapter VIII from History of the Upper Ohio Valley.

The Second and Third Generations

James ELLIOTT, b1824, a son of Thomas, Sr. and Caty Stewart Elliott, married Abigail MAPLE 5May1864 in Hammondsville, Ohio where they lived after their marriage. The 1880 Census shows James as a teamster and a farmer. They had five children: Larison E., Thomas N., Charles M., Benjamin F., Lily May, and James "Fred" Frederick. James ELLIOTT, Sr. lived his entire life in Hammondsville and died there of lung disease on 27Nov1884. His obituary in the Steubenville Daily Herald of December 4, 1884, Vol. 38, No. 215 read:

James Elliott, an old citizen of Hammondsville, died Thursday, aged about 60. He leaves a wife and five children.

Railroad crew with Fred Elliott.

Fred, son of James and Abigail Maple Elliott, was a farmer in Hammondsville, Ohio. He also worked as a laborer on the railroad. Fred played in the Hammondsville Cornet Band in the early 1900s. He and his wife, Carrie GRIFFITH, spent their entire life in Hammondsville. They were the parents of five children: Ellsworth b c 1909, who died in infancy of flu, Vera bJul1911; Roberta b2Aug1916; Marjorie Eileen b c1923, who died c 1941 of heart disease; and Regina, who died in infancy of flu.

Hammondsville Silver Cornet Band, c. 1910, Newell, WV. Back: Wm. Parsons, Roy Parsons, Clyde Parsons, Roy Call, Clarence Call, Fred Culp, Sam Parsons, Charles Elliott, Wm. Griffith, James Parsons, Curtis Peas. Front: Fred Elliott, Raymond Elliott, James Boring, Jerry Sheehan [Carl Elliott is missing]

Thomas, Jr. b1826, also a son of Thomas, Sr. and Caty Stewart Elliott, married Lucinda PARKINSON on 26Apr1852. He served in the Civil War in the 2nd Ohio Volunteer Infantry. On his return from the war he and his family lived in Irondale, Ohio. Thomas was a laborer and a stonemason. He and Lucinda had 12 children: James, Albert, Margaret Ann, Elizabeth, Martha E., Mary N., William, John E., Frank, Uriah, Samuel, and Urina. All were born in Ohio, probably Jefferson County. Lucinda died in May 1898 in Irondale, Ohio. Thomas married Ida Mae Horner in 1899 and they had a son, Clarence P. in January 1900. In 1905 Thomas moved to Clay County, Indiana and sued for divorce in 1907. Thomas died 19Feb1911 at the home of his daughter in Follansbee, Brooke County, West Virginia.

Margaret ELLIOTT, b1828, daughter of Thomas, Sr. and Caty Stewart Elliott, had two children by 1850. They were Marion ELLIOTT, b26Nov1843, Carroll County, Ohio, who married Sophia Jane ELLIOTT [no relation that I know of] and Mary Elizabeth ELLIOTT, b3Aug1847, Carroll County, Ohio, who married Albert W. HOUSEHOLDER. The father is unproven but the family story passed down is that Margaret and her sister, Elizabeth, both were live-in helpers for Doctor LINDSAY of Carroll County. It is said that he fathered two of Margaret's children and also her sister Elizabeth's daughter, Kate.

Margaret Elliott Pugh.

Margaret later married William PUGH 9Jul1849 in Carroll County, Ohio. No further record has been found of William Pugh. Margaret and William had a daughter, Ellen PUGH.

According to the US census, in 1880 Margaret lived with her son, Marion, and his wife, Sophia and their family. Margaret was a carpet weaver.

After Sophia died in 1881 Margaret helped Marion raise his five motherless children: William Nelson, Howard Owen, Charles A., Edward Raymond, and Elmer Lowry.

Margaret's daughter, Ellen PUGH, married Calvin HOUSEHOLDER, brother of Albert W. HOUSEHOLDER. Margaret Elliott Pugh died 7Oct1887 in Irondale, Ohio and is buried in New Somerset Christian Church Cemetery. For more about the family of Marion Elliott, see "The Saltsman Line" (coming soon). For more about Mary Elizabeth Elliott's family, see "The Mathias Householder Story."

Gravestone of Sophia Elliott at Pine Grove Church Cemetary, Pine Grove, Hammondsville, OH.

Inscription reads:

wife of
Marion Elliott
May 27, 1881
Aged about 31 Yrs.

Elizabeth ELLIOTT, b1830, a daughter of Thomas, Sr. and Caty Stewart Elliott, also had a daughter believed to be fathered by Doctor LINDSAY. Elizabeth's daughter was Melissa Catherine ELLIOTT, b20Mar1851. Elizabeth never married. Thus far no death records have been found for her.

The U.S. Census for Jefferson County, Ohio lists Elizabeth living with Kate and her husband, Arlington Wellington DENNIS, in Irondale, Ohio. Arlington Dennis was a superintendent at the Irondale sheet and tinplate mill of Wallace, Banfield and Company. Arlington's niece, Ethel ELLIOTT, said that he had to hire men for protection to drive him to and from work during a strike at the Irondale mill. About 1900 Arlington was transferred to New Castle, Lawrence County, Pennsylvania when the U.S. Steel Company purchased the rolling mill. The sheet and tinplate operation moved to Chester, West Virginia and was soon bought by American Sheet and Tinplate. Aunt Kate often visited the Howard and Mary Alice Elliott farm in Hammondsville during the summer. Ethel lived with the Dennis family in New Castle for a while. Arlington preceded his wife in death and Kate told Ethel: "After your husband dies you are like a bird with a broken wing. You just flop around." Kate and Arlington Dennis had five sons: Eddy Wellington, Arlington, Montrose Stewart, John, and Charles Emery. They also had one daughter, Rosa.

Melissa Catherine Elliott Dennis died 28Dec1928 at her home in New Castle, Pennsylvania of pneumonia. She was 77 years of age.


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