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Hammondsville 100th Anniversary Souvenir Book, 1850-1950, cont.

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1950 Scenes

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A new [1950] business extablishment built in the last few years.

Baker's General Repair, Owned and operated by Stanley Baker

Table of Industry and Education - 1950

  • 1 Methodist Church on Main Street
  • 1 School House at the west end of town
  • 1 Post Office in the center of town
  • 1 General Merchandise Store (Logan's) in center of town
  • 2 Gasoline Stations
    • Baker's on the Heights
    • Downer's in center of town
  • 1 Printing Company (Donald O'Tool) on the Heights
  • 2 Brick Yards
    • Dando's at the south end of town
    • McLain's at the north end of town
  • 1 Coal Loading Plant (Brun's) at the south end of town

F. J. Dando Brick Yard


The bridge in the middle of town. This once was Washington Street.

Elementary School

The new school built in 1928. It has four rooms, a kitchen, and an auditorium.


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Adapted from the Hammondsville 100th Anniversary Souvenir Book. Copyright 1950 D. D. O'Tool, Used by permission.


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