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Will of Margaret Garlough

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...The Will of Margaret Garlough, decd

In the presence of this benevolent Father of all living, I, Margaret Garlough, of the County of Belmont and State of Ohio do make and publish this my last will and testament. After recommending my spirit to God who gave it and my body to the earth from whence it came I will and desire ? that all my honest debts which ? ? pieces together with my funeral expenses which should be speedily and honorably paid after which I will and bequeath all my goods monies and effects in my ? ? ? following to wit Item first I will and bequeath to my sister, Christianna, my bed and bedding also one of my linens the ? one of the two also my bureau and chest and all my extra bed clothes and side saddle I also will to my sister Christianna my money in bank at Wheeling after all the expenses and charges incident to my estate shall be paid and twenty-five dollars of that money which I ? for my sister Mary Riley Item 2nd: I also will and bequeath my sister Mary Riley twenty-five dollars this money alluded to as part of the money in the bank at Wheeling Item 3rd: I also will and bequeath to my brother John Garlough the notes I have on John Tookles ? and the widow Deborah Clark which will amount to one hundred and twenty one dollars seventy seven cents with interest from this date. I also bequeath to my brother John Garlough the largest of my two cows I further will and desire all this household furniture which I own I wish to remain in the house or heretofore ? and to be used by my brother John and my sister Christianna without appraisements or sales and I hereby appoint Crawford Welsh of Belmont County my sole executor desiring from after my death to carry this will into effect given under my hand and seal this 27th or 29th day of September A.D. 1853.

Signed and acknowledged by Margaret Garlough as her last will and testament on our premises and signed by us in her presence. William Harvey and James Harvey

Signed by Margaret Garlough

Probated Nov. 4th? 1853


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